Frame for mirror Papua Round Black 82 cm

Frame for mirror Papua Round Black 82 cm

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Round frame for mirror Papua Circle made of aged solid pine.

Wood is a unique material, live and showing different properties depending on fiber orientation. You cannot just cut a round frame, as it will break easily. Therefore, we assemble it using six individual wooden pieces, which are then glued together along the fibers. The result is a very reliable and robust frame.

Its ethnic pattern is based on our most popular Papua print adapted to the circular shape.

Several layers of eco-friendly paint are carefully applied to the aged wooden frame. The final touch is double-coating with colorless varnish, which makes it possible to use the product in damp rooms.

On the back surface of the frame, there are 3 built-in metal fixtures for wall mounting.

Frame dimensions: 32.3 inches (82 cm).
Mirror dimensions: 23.6 inches (60 cm).

Supplied with: frame, support material for the mirror, loops for mounting on the wall.

We want to pay your attention, that we usually send by mail only frames with a backing board, without glass!

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