Frame for mirror Papua Large Dark Blue 91x198 cm

Frame for mirror Papua Large Dark Blue 91x198 cm

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Papua Large is a large full length mirror, luxurious and very special mirror. People pay attention to it and choose it so often that we believe this is our workshop’s business card.

Large floor mirror Papua Large is an updated version of the medium-size Papua model. Unlike its smaller counterpart, it features a wider pattern and an ornamented snake along the inner contour. Also, making this frame requires much more wood. Solid pine, ageing and our signature carved pattern with white grout.

The vintage full length mirror is worth its money: with this truly king size, you will see not only your full-length reflection but also a significant part of the ambience. Dimensions: 91x198 cm. You can put it on the floor or mount on a wall using the provided fixtures. Made with our hands and heart.

Frame dimensions: 78х36 inches (91x198 cm).
Mirror dimensions: 23,6x66 inches (60х168 cm).

Supplied with: frame, support material for the mirror, loops for mounting on the wall.

We want to pay your attention, that we usually send by mail only frames with a backing board, without glass!
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