Frame for mirror Mas Black 70x142 cm

Frame for mirror Mas Black 70x142 cm

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This fantastically beautiful mirror frame has been designed after traditional Balinese drawing motifs of Mas. This small village off Ubud, Bali has become globally famous due to skillful products of its wood carvers, whose creative work is recognized as the ethnic style standard.

We created this design from scratch by combining traditional geometric graphics with an intricate pattern of tropical flowers. This rare combination turns the mirror into almost a magical item inspiring the feeling of intimacy with nature and the world around us.

This stylish decor will put an eye-catching accent in any interior. Its ethnic elements will create a special, warm and "live" atmosphere in your house. The natural wood and soft, water-based "satin" paints are used.

Frame dimensions: 27.6x55.9 inches (70x142 cm).
Mirror dimensions: 18.9x47.2 inches (48х120 cm).

For this frame, you can buy a $15 mirror at your local IKEA store:

Supplied with: frame, support material for the mirror, loops for mounting on the wall.

We want to pay your attention, that we usually send by mail only frames with a backing board, without glass!

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