Frame for mirror Ladoga Round Dark Green 82 cm

Frame for mirror Ladoga Round Dark Green 82 cm

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This is our Russian Ladoga print in a round frame embodiment.

This medium-size round black mirror will harmoniously complement most contemporary interiors. Its size is enough to see your full-length reflection. On the other hand, it neither looks cumbersome, nor overloads a room.

Its core element is horses, the image ingrained in the Russian culture and rendering the frame especially expressive. The surrounding patterns also pay a tribute to ancient Russian traditions which we relied on designing the Ladoga model.

The round black mirror is made of solid pine wood, then the pattern is carved, which is followed by painting and ageing steps. Actually, the production process is quite long and scrupulous and takes, on average, 7-10 days for standard dimensions. Making a custom-size frame usually takes longer, up to a month.

The Ladoga Circle mirror is available for orders in standard dimensions: 82 and 102 cm in diameter. Select whichever you prefer or find suitable, and we will be happy to make it for you.

Frame dimensions: 32.3 inches (82 cm).
Mirror dimensions: 23.6 inches (60 cm).

Supplied with: frame, support material for the mirror, loops for mounting on the wall.

We want to pay your attention, that we usually send by mail only frames with a backing board, without glass!

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